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Runtz Indica


Ever since its debut in 2017, Runtz has quickly turned heads in the world of cannabis. It even won the title of Strain of the Year in 2020.

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Runtz Strain Overview
Runtz, a perfectly harmonized 50/50 hybrid strain, is the offspring of the acclaimed parent strains, Zkittlez and Gelato. Since its introduction in 2017, Runtz has rapidly gained recognition in the cannabis realm, even earning the "Strain of the Year" title in 2020.

Its mesmerizing trichomes, robust high, and alluring aroma have enamored cannabis enthusiasts, making it a highly sought-after hybrid. If there were a cannabis university, this would be the hip and popular kid everyone wants to associate with!

Runtz boasts a moderate-to-high potency, averaging around 26% THC content. Renowned for inducing a euphoric and uplifting high, it's a fantastic choice for kicking off any party!

Runtz possesses a fruity aroma that appeals to a broad spectrum of cannabis users, from novices to veterans. The initial scent resembles opening a bag of sweet candies, accompanied by undertones of woodsy and tropical fruit notes. Given that its primary terpenes are limonene and caryophyllene, it also carries subtle hints of citrus and pepper.

True to its namesake, an old-school colorful candy, the Runtz strain certainly delivers on flavor! While one shouldn't anticipate a purely sweet taste from a potent cannabis strain, Runtz successfully maintains a sweet, fruity flavor from aroma to palate. It offers a blend of tropical and earthy notes, concluding with a delightful sweet aftertaste, courtesy of its smooth, creamy smoke!

Runtz plants typically exhibit shades of lime green or purple. The strain is known for its resin-laden buds surrounded by vibrant orange pistils and trichomes. Fully matured buds are speckled with various hues. Other colors associated with this cannabis plant include orange, green, and blue.

Effects of the Runtz Strain
While Runtz is primarily praised for its aroma, taste, and appearance, it also boasts several recreational and medicinal benefits. Given its well-balanced indica-sativa profile, it impacts both your mind and body. It first incites a calming, euphoric cerebral high before spreading relaxation throughout your body. The intensity of this high can vary significantly, depending on its specific THC concentration. For example, higher THC phenotypes of this strain may induce paranoia in less experienced users.

In terms of its medicinal effects, Runtz is an ideal choice for treating conditions like pain, insomnia, and chronic stress. Many users also endorse this strain for alleviating anxiety.

THC Content

Purchasing Runtz Strain Online
Are you weary of strong, gassy strains and searching for something a bit sweeter and reminiscent of candy? If so, the Runtz strain is your ideal match! As a perfectly balanced hybrid strain with an average THC content of 26-30%, the potent effects and delicious flavor of Runtz will convert you into a lifelong fan!

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