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Cherry Kush Mints Indica


Cherry Kush Mints is the delicious, hybrid result of combining Kush Mints with Sweet Cherry Pie. This flower delights its users with an aromatic terpene profile and equally delicious flavours. While many hybrids lean strongly one way or another, this strain’s genetics offers it a completely balanced profile of effects making it a great choice for both daytime and nighttime use.

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Details on Cherry Kush Mints Strain

Cherry Kush Mints is a superior hybrid strain, a unique fusion of Kush Mints and Sweet Cherry Pie, that boasts its own set of original genetics. This strain stands apart due to its sticky, dense buds, a blend of tart and minty flavours, and a combination of mental and physical effects. Hidden within its stunning buds is a potent THC content of 28%, making this flower a delightful treat you'll want to revisit time and again.

Upon opening the bag, your olfactory senses will be instantly greeted by a fresh, dank mint scent underpinned by the sweet tang of ripe cherries. The unique and compelling terpene profile of this hybrid strain is difficult to describe - it's something you must experience firsthand to fully appreciate!

In terms of taste, Cherry Kush Mints delivers an enticing mix of fresh, fragrant mint intertwined with the tang of juicy cherries. When you first light up this strain, you'll detect notes of dank earthiness swirling around your palate, gradually developing hints of cherry and citrus. Upon exhaling, these flavours meld together to create a sweet yet potent aftertaste that will have you reaching for another puff!

Cherry Kush Mints, being a hybrid, exhibits more of an indica-like form with its dense, forest-green nugs and spade-like structure. Amid the thick clusters of buds, consumers will be pleased to spot vibrant rust-orange pistils weaving through, enhancing the strain's already appealing look. Each bud is generously coated in a dense layer of trichomes, amplifying the strain's visual appeal and making the buds resemble crystals-coated cherries!

Effects of Cherry Kush Mints Strain
Cherry Kush Mints represents a perfect balance of indica and sativa influences. Unlike many hybrids that lean predominantly towards one side, this strain's genetic composition provides a perfectly balanced suite of effects, making it suitable for both day and night use. After inhaling the tart, minty smoke of Cherry Kush Mints, you'll begin to experience a gradual cerebral buzz originating from between your eyes. This sensation slowly intensifies, culminating in feelings of tranquility and bliss. Concurrently, your mood, energy, and spirits will lift, leaving you feeling carefree and comfortable beyond your expectations. Meanwhile, Cherry Kush Mints works to relax and sedate your body without inducing couch-lock. You'll find your body feeling relaxed, free from any discomfort or pain you may have been experiencing.

THC Content

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Cherry Kush Mints is a tastefully balanced hybrid strain, resulting from the combination of Kush Mints and Sweet Cherry Pie. This strain thrills its consumers with a diverse terpene profile and correspondingly delicious flavours. With its genetics offering a perfectly balanced suite of effects, it serves as an excellent choice for any time of the day, delivering euphoria and physical relaxation.

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