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Mike Tyson Indica


Mike Tyson is a knockout name in the boxing world but did you know it’s also a knockout strain in the weed world? This purebred indica strain with 31-33% THC has been coined the “Iron Mike” of weed and for good reason. Potent and powerful, the Mike Tyson strain will knock you down before you even know what hit you!

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Mike Tyson Strain Overview
The Mike Tyson strain holds a championship title in the cannabis sphere, much like its namesake in the boxing ring. As a purebred indica strain, Mike Tyson packs a potent punch that will send you reeling. Boasting a THC content of 31-33% within each bud, it can effortlessly knock you out, leaving you unaware of what just happened. If you're seeking a formidable body high that combats pain, stress, and insomnia, this strain is ideal. However, be warned: it's not for the light-hearted!

Appearance, Aroma, and Effects
The Mike Tyson strain was developed by the skilled breeders at Canna Clinic in early 2011 and has since gained global recognition. Mirroring the formidable fists of its namesake, the buds of Mike Tyson are large and imposing. Solid and chunky in structure, these buds are dense with a tightly wound core. The leaves exhibit an olive-green hue, interspersed with deep red pistils. Rusty-colored trichomes give the final touch, coating both the inner and outer surface of the bud with a layer of potency.

Aroma-wise, the Mike Tyson strain, similar to many other indica strains, features a rich, fragrant scent. Upon opening the bag, your olfactory senses will be hit by notes of dank and earthy soil, complemented by hints of hash and spice. Upon exhaling, you'll notice the aromatic smoke can be slightly harsh on the lungs, yet it gives way to sweeter undertones of pungent skunk. Given its potent aroma, it's best enjoyed in privacy!

When it comes to the experience, this strain is a true representative of its indica lineage. Similar to many athletes, Mike Tyson requires a short warm-up period before the action begins. Approximately 10 to 15 minutes after smoking, the effects will strike hard and swiftly. The body high gradually intensifies until it reaches a peak, leaving you in a relaxed and carefree state without heavy sedation. Shortly thereafter, slight alterations in sensory perception may follow, accompanied by a sense of time distortion. You may feel somewhat hazy and disoriented as seconds seem to stretch into minutes.

As these sensations heighten, the body high further escalates. Relaxation gives way to sedation, and waves of exhaustion will wash over you, much like the feeling of enduring ten rounds in the ring with Mike Tyson himself! Given its potent effects, novice smokers should approach this strain with caution.

The powerful physical effects make this strain highly beneficial for medical marijuana patients. This heavy-hitting indica can effectively alleviate stress, numb pain, reduce anxiety, and induce sleep in even the most stubborn cases of insomnia. If you're on the hunt for a knockout strain, your search ends here!

Medical Benefits of Mike Tyson Strain
Chronic Pain, Aches, Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety.

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