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Grand Daddy Purple Indica


Grand Daddy Purple, or GDP, is famous for its deep purple color and a very powerful body high A famous west coast strain, a cross between Mendo Purps, Skunk, and Afghanistan bred by EC Genetics. It’s got undeniably good looks, but the buzz and uplifting effects are the full package!

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Grand Daddy Purple Strain Overview

Grand Daddy Purple, commonly known as GDP, is a renowned Indica-dominant strain that has made a name for itself on the west coast. If you're on the hunt for purple cannabis, this strain, hailing from old school lineages including Mendo Purps, Skunk, and Afghanistan, is a must-try. GDP is recognized for its potent sedative properties and notable deep purple coloration, making it a show-stopping addition for cannabis enthusiasts. Its unique psychedelic effects offer a trip into an imaginative realm while relaxing your body into a peaceful state. The strain boasts a highly euphoric high accompanied by full-bodied effects.

As its 'purple' moniker suggests, this strain exudes an aromatic blend of grape and berries. Even a small portion of Grand Daddy Purple can suffuse a room with its enticing scent, offering a delightful sweetness and fruity touch that lingers. In essence, its fragrance is as alluring as it is mouthwatering!

Complementing its aroma, GDP carries flavors reminiscent of grapes and berries, married with an earthy pine backdrop intertwined with sweet citrus fruit. The exhale often draws comparisons to the taste of a grape popsicle, accentuating the delightful experience.

At first glance, the beauty of Grand Daddy Purple is impossible to deny. It has inherited its remarkable deep, dark purple shade from Purple Urkle, and the dense bud structure from Big Bud, symbolizing the epitome of purple cannabis excellence! Bright orange hairs weave through the buds, and a generous layer of frosted white trichomes adorns the surface.

Effects of Granddaddy Purple Strain
From the outset, GDP imparts a profound impact on both mind and body. Users can anticipate an uplift in mood coupled with euphoria. As your mind soars to new elevations, it also delivers a smooth body buzz, typical of Indica-dominant strains. In addition to alleviating stress, tension, and pain from your body, it instills a joyful disposition. These attributes make this strain an ideal companion for a quiet night at home, setting the stage for relaxation and tranquility just before you drift off into sleep. With THC levels fluctuating between 20-27%, this strain is potent, therefore beginners should proceed with caution.

Medicinally, Grand Daddy Purple is effective for pain relief, easing tension and stress. Its uplifting qualities make it suitable for addressing symptoms of depression and anxiety. The sedative nature of this strain makes it beneficial for individuals struggling with insomnia. Furthermore, Grand Daddy Purple is also known to induce the 'munchies', making it a potential remedy for loss of appetite.


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Famous for its unique purple coloration, GDP, or Grand Daddy Purple, is a delight to behold for lovers of exotic purple cannabis. Experience a smooth body high that boosts your spirits as you explore uncharted territories with this strain.

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