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Super Silver Haze Sativa


The taste of the Super Silver Haze Strain is as skunky as you would imagine it.

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Super Silver Haze Strain Details

The Super Silver Haze strain emerges from the crossbreeding of Skunk No. 1 and Haze strains, producing an effective Sativa cannabis strain celebrated for its therapeutic properties. Particularly beneficial for mood disorders such as depression, this strain is a popular choice for stress relief and mood elevation.

The Super Silver Haze strain offers users a durable, energetic, and uplifting effect that never overwhelms, allowing the high to be savored throughout the day. If you're grappling with stress or loss of appetite, this potent strain might just be your perfect antidote.

The aroma of Super Silver Haze is quite unique. Rather than being typically pleasant, it leans more towards an intriguing spicy blend with a hint of sweetness. Some users liken it to a sage-like or skunky aroma intermingled with diesel. Regular users often find the scent calming and enjoyable.

The Super Silver Haze strain delivers a skunky flavor profile as you might expect, carrying subtle diesel and citrus undertones. However, the overall taste is a fusion of earthy, spicy, and sour notes.

The appearance of Super Silver Haze is characterized by muted shades and cool undertones, including hints of pastel pink, grey, and purple. Towards the tips of this sticky cannabis, the hues become more vibrant, while the pistils adopt a more subdued orange tone. The plant and bud alike are shrouded in a silver-like sheen, which lends the strain its name.

Effects of Super Silver Haze Strain
Packed with healing properties, Super Silver Haze offers a sustained high that invigorates both body and mind. When used correctly, it promotes prolonged focus and sharpness, proving beneficial for creative individuals seeking fresh inspiration and perspective.

On consuming this highly potent cannabis strain, users will gradually transition into a more mellow and relaxing state. The resulting tranquil euphoria makes it an excellent choice for night-time usage due to its sleep-inducing effects. Expect a relaxed mindset that will aid in achieving a peaceful sleep.

THC Content

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While Super Silver Haze may be a little harsh and rough for the uninitiated due to its strong flavor, the effects are well worth the initial shock. This strain is fantastic for boosting mood and stimulating appetite, all while delivering a euphoric high that rejuvenates both mind and body. Experience a revitalizing high with this cannabis strain!

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